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Unable to Access Home PC from Behind Corporate Firewall Using Remote Desktop (otherwise it works fine)

Hello All -

I have successfully set up my Windows Vista home PC to be accessed externally through the internet using Windows Remote Desktop Connection.  So, I go to my parents' house, open Remote Desktop on their PC, and type in my IP address... Bang!  I am on my home PC. No problem.

However, from my work PC, I am totally unable to even ping my IP address at home, let along get to it with Remote Desktop Connection.

My company has a firewall and web proxy server in place.  Is there some way they are blocking me from getting to my own PC?  They are pretty aggressive about blocking sites like (which is why Iam using Remote Desktop).  So is there a way for me to sidestep whatever might be blocking me?  In case it matters, the IP address at my work PC starts with 10.

FYI, I have opened port 3389 on my home PC, and currently I even configured my LinkSys router to be in the DMZ.  So I am wide open at home.  Just cant get there from here (here being work).  I get an error in the Remote Desktop COnnection window that says: "This computer cannot connect to the remote computer".

Please help me beat the system!
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have you tried opening a specific port or ports on your work firewall?  
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I do not have access to edit my work firewall.  I think.  I am not a system administrator, and I dont have any naked pictures of any of the system administrators either.  Is there a way i can manipulate the corporate firewall to open up ports, given my peon status at work?
its unlikely.  The company firewall is likely to be a physical box rather then just the software type you may use at home.  You would need admin to do it either on a specific computer they have set up or on your main server (where the firewall is)
Unfortunately that is not going to happen.  Is there a way I can see what ports I might be able to get through on the firewall?  some kind of query or utility I can use?  Then I will just adjust my home PC to reside on that port?
again, that extremely unlikely.  I fthat were possible, anyone could find a way in to your company system.  What use do you have for accessing your home PC from work?

Thanks for the input!
You never know.  I always end up needing something.  I do a lot of work from home as well as the office.  What about a tool like PC Anywhere?  I just automatically assumed that would be blocked.
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