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Lotus Approach Wont Load Sometimes

Lotus approach has been installed on a users machine for over 6months with no problems and other users have had no issues either. But Approach on a machine has started to crash as it loads onto the screen. The splash screen for Approach appears then dissappears with nothing happening, or the windows pop up saying an error has occured do you want to send an error report as the program loads OR around 20% of the time the program loads fine with no problems.

I have tried reinstalling the software, also tried uninstalling the software then manually deleting registry from HKCU\Software\Lotus and HKLM\Software\Lotus. Permissions are all ok. With no sucess.

The only change recently and difference is that AutoCad LT 2009 has been installed after but the problem didnt start happening immeadiately and this is one reason why system restore is a last resort else it would require sorting out the installation for AutoCad again.

The lotus approach is part of Lotus Smartsuite 9.8. The opperating system is Windows XP SP3.

Any suggestions on how to stop this occuring in LOTUS APPROACH would be helpful.
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8/22/2022 - Mon