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I have enabled SSL encryption with a certificate. I setup the workstations to use the SSL option. This is the error I see when just trying to connect after typeing in my password.
CWBC0134-SSL errors, function returned 25406, %IPAddress%
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Much more info is needed.

> I have enabled SSL encryption with a certificate.

How? What 'certificate'? (From where?)

> I setup the workstations to use the SSL option.

How? What was your process?

> CWBC0134-SSL errors, function returned 25406, %IPAddress%

In case that's a typo, can you verify that it wasn't message ID CWBC01034 instead?

Your workstation should have a program something like:

C:\Program Files\IBM\Client Access\cwbcossl.exe

This program can be useful in setting up and/or verifying SSL connections. Run it and request connection verification. Review details of any error messages shown.

Finally, what is the i5/OS (or OS/400) version? And what is the iSeries Access version on the PC? And what service pack level is iSeries Access running at?



I setup the iSeries (V5R4) as a Certificate Authority and defined the trust between the os400 telnet server and the certificate authority name. Then ssl was installed for CA on the workstation V5R4 service pack s120465. I copied the certificate that was created on the iseries to the pc . Then on the workstation I wnted into key management and added a new certificate. Then finially on the iseries access session configured it to use ssl.

this message that we get is intermittant. But untill we get it resolved we can not set it up for all users on the network. Can you help?  


I ended up opening a case with IBM. They solved the issue. It was a setting on the iSeries system. Thanks.


I am awarding the points due to the fact that you alerted me of this great tool I did not know existed.

Browning: What was the setting they corrected?

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