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SharePoint Filtering problem

kbessent1966 asked
When clicking on a column to filter within either a document library or list, it just says Loading.. and nothing happens. IE7 shows error on page, the dialog box says line:9 Char:4 Error:Permission denied Code:0 URL:http://..(my Sharepoint list column filed name etc). although I am using a full admin account. One other thing I have noticed is that if I create another view, the filtering will work on the new view for a while, then the same problem occurs sometime later.

Other info:
Server 2008 64bit
SQL server 2008 64bit
WSS 3.0 64bit
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Hi There,

What is happening here is that the AJAX call back from the menu to enumerate the list of valid values for the list is failing with a "permission" denied error ... Unfortunately I don't have a specific solution to your problem.

Perhaps checking what zone your SharePoint site is appearing in within IE might help? My understanding is that it should be reporting itself as in "Local Intranet", to ensure IE presents NTLM credentials for the user logged on. ... Also, are you getting any repeated authentication challenges when accessing documents and the like?

Could it also be that one of the items in the list has been given specific permissions by the owner / creator of the item, in which case Security Trimming might be stepping in and disallowing the enumeration of valid values?

Hope that may help ...
One other thing to try would be to copy that URL you're seeing in the error message and try entering it directly into the address bar of the browser ... The correct outcome would be a blob of XML representing the filterable values ... The incorrect outcome would be some form of "permission denied" error which might give a more verbose error message, and hence a better indication of just what is happening ...



Thanks for your comments, I'm not receiving any repeated authentication challenges when accessing documents and specific permissions have not been applied to list items.

I typed in the address bar the specific URL and I received the correct blob of XML data with no permission issues or errors etc.

Any other suggestions?

Hi There,

Another question ... The URL for the filter load query starts with http://Server005/_layouts ...

Does the URL of your main page also begin with http://Server005?

Also, when you're viewing the site, what zone does IE report it as being part of?



I think you have found the problem! The main page URL begins with an 'alternative access mapping' set in WSS central administration, i.e. "http://dh".

MY process for Alternative access mapping:-
1. Create a DNS Host A record on AD server pointing to server005
2. Go to SharePoint Administration page, Operations, Alternate Access Mappings, select site, click OK
3. Click 'Add Internal URLs' type in http://dh/ leave zone on default, click OK

When I access the list using server005 as the main URL, the filter works fine!
So, would you have any suggestions as to where I'm going wrong with my alternative access mappings? As I wish to continue using user friendly URL's and have the filtering work.

Thanks so much for your help!
Hi There,

The key to this I think is that IE refuses to pass NTLM credentials to any site if it isn't in the "Local Intranet" zone. So one of your URLs (SERVER005 / DH ) I believe isn't recognized as being in this "Local Intranet" zone, and IE is therefore not trying to present your NTLM credentials to the URL retrieving filtering information ...

Alternatively it may be that the way you've set up the Alternative Access Mappings isn't quite correct ... Perhaps you could try explicitly selecting "Intranet" zone instead of "Default" when creating the Alternative Access Mapping.

Hoping that helps.


Thanks so much for your Help! Switching the Alternative Access Mapping zone to 'Intranet' fixed the problem!!