How to calculate the total time of the column

I have a Ms access database having these fields
empname - text, starttime - date/time, endtime - date/time, elaptime - text
empname    starttime          endtime        elaptime
Raj               6:30:36      10:45:38      4:15:02
Chitra           6:20:15      11:22:59      5:02:44
Suresh         7:10:25      12:15:32      5:05:07
Chris            8:19:55      11:55:58      3:36:03

I would like to get the total time of the elaptime colum in gridview using visual studio web developer 2005 express edition.
And the total hours need to be displayed on the footer of the gridview.
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Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
Looks like a duplicate of this question:

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