XP reboots after splash screen

This morning my XP Professional SP-3 machine refuses to get beyond the splash screen. It flashes up the splash screen then shows the boot failure dialog, but nothing works, not safe mode nor last known configuration. Whatever I do it reboots, shows the splash screen then the boot failure dialog. There have been no changes to hardware for a couple of weeks.  I tried loading the BIOS set-up defaults but got the same behaviour.
I have a rescue disk image back-up from a few weeks ago but don't want to use it if there is something simple I can do as I have installed a few programs since, and it would take a lot of time. I do have the original windows disk, so could use the recovery console I suppose
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These previous threads should help, but please note that the 2nd link is for XP Home>

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the windows system files got corrupt.. and as u said not able to go safe mode...
i can only suggets you to go with recovery console... as it will safer for you ...
because if u enter the dos mode and copy and paste the sytem files... chances are that it wont work... and immd. after boot u r getting failure message...
it might take time to reinstall some of ur application... but your system will be much stable...with recovery console...
using any shortcut will not build your system files... or may be...
Moroever, i will recommend you to go with service pack 2 not 3...
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XP keeps rebooting just after splash screen disappears:
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try running chkdsk on the drive from recovery console  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314058
SteveHodgeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for this.
Fixed now, rather mysteriously
Not sure if it was hardware
I loaded the XPCD and it started Could not see the disk drives, but maybe this was because I didn't load the RAID drivers. Loaded the recovery console but did not ask it to change anything.
Also my Genie recovery disk, it loaded too and it had the RAID drivers so I could see all the disk drives, but again I did not change anything
Then, when I accidentally rebooted, the system started fairly normally. It wanted to run chkdsk, and did and then started
Question: could this have been some kind of intermittent hardware problem?? If so like the Terminator, it will be back, I suppose
Or could one or other of the system disks have fixed the problem - doesn't seem likely does  it?
Should welcome your opinion
to your Q's : probably a file, or link to it got corrupt on the disk
once you started from a cd, and accessed the disk, the problem was corrected.
SteveHodgeAuthor Commented:
Spli the points, both answers helpful
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