IE7 hangs when download

Hi there

Just in the last few weeks, I discovered that whenever I use IE7 to download a file , it will just hangs prior to the display of the window where user can specify where the file is to be saved.

I tried using foxfire and Natscape and Opera and all work fine so it is an IE7 problem.

I recently wrote an application (an ISAPI DLL) which uses the TIWFile component from Intraweb. Basically all it does is to allow user to specify a file in the local drive by hitting a <Browse> Button and then the component will download it to the server.

Ths used to work fine but it now hangs once I hit the <Browse> button - so the same IE7 problem as before. Running the same ISAPI in another laptop using IE7 works fine . Also running it using other browsers in the same laptop also works.

Appreciate your help



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Hello statcom,

A corrupt Temporary Internet Files folder can cause this problem.  Try deleting the Temporary Internet Files folder for the affected user
account. A new folder will be created on restart.

Login as another user with administrator privileges, or from the machine's default administrator
account (startup in safe mode.)   Make sure that you can see hidden and protected operating system files (Folder Options> View)
Then delete the affected TIF folder from Windows Explorer.
It will be at C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local
Settings\Temporary Internet Files
Restart the computer.

Hope this helps!
statcomAuthor Commented:
Hi thee

Hi there,
I followed your instructions and the problem was fixed. However, this morning when I tried the download with IE , it had the same problem as before ie it hangs when downlaoding.

So I cleared the temp internet folder and restart the PC and before I tried to download anything using IE, I made sure that there is nothing in the temp internet folder.  The same 'hanging' problem exists, as before, I can download using other browsers and using IE7 in another laptop

Your help will be very much appreciated

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