Default homepage on IE keeps resetting to companyweb

I recently upgraded our server to a SBS 2008 box.  Everything went smoothly and the server has been running awhile now.  However, on my Vista client computer (which is joined to the domain), every day IE's homepage has been reset to http://companyweb/.  I can change it back (to blank), and it stays that way even if I reboot, log on remotely, etc.

I have checked the Group Policy Management Editor settings on the server, and the applicable item for controlling the homepage is undefined.

In Active Directory Users & Computers, all users are set so they run SBS_LOGON_SCRIPT.bat, but I cannot find this file on the server or client.  And if that was the problem, I would expect it to change the homepage every single time I logged on.

What is changing the homepage to companyweb and how can I prevent it?
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suppsawsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello Shane32EE,

if you join the computers correctly to the SBS network, by default all IE homepages will be http://companyweb, that is set by group policy.
You can find the policy under:
admin tools > GP management > windows SBS user policy > windows settings > IE maintenance >> Home page URL


Normally, the logon script that you spoke about is changing the default web page, but if this is not changing it everytime you login, it must be something else.

Have you run a gpresult to see what policies are being applied to that user, after finding them, ensure that they are not setting this page for you.

On another note, do you know if the workstations is perhaps running any login scripts from its own local policy. Try running 'gpedit.msc' and checking for logon scripts.
Shane32EEAuthor Commented:
That's it!!  I didn't realize that there's another policy I had to look at.

Is there a way to add 2 homepages?
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