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We have an old SBS 2000 server and have just bought a new server with SBS 2008.

Because there is no direct migration route, what I intended to do was to copy all the data over from old to new, recreate user & computer accounts, security groups, permissions etc.

This will also mean that I will need to export all my mail from Exchange 2000 and import it to Exchange 2008 having made the new accounts on the new server.

We have 25 mailboxes to do this for, and a 10Gb information store.

My question is what is the easiest route to export and import the mail ? (I am looking for instructions on how to achieve this as well)
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sjutrasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This link details all the steps to do it:

The export is non-destructive and everything remain as it is.
From that link you can also get the exchange 2000 version of exmerge although the 2003 version should work fine.
You can export them from exchange 2003 to .pst file using exmerge. Then to import them .pst into Exchange 2007, you have 2 solutions:

1) using exmerge again:  Exmerge will not work without ESM (system mnager 2003) installed so you will need to import them from a x86 windows 2003 or xp on which you will have the System manager installed. Additionally, special permissions aer required on exchange 2007 for the user who will be running exmerge, see:

2) Using exchange cmdlet Import-Mailbox: This is not working on the x64 production server, so you will need to install the 32bit version of the exchange 2007 management tools on a separate machine.  But this cmdlet let you import .pst files into an exchange 2007 mailbox.


Exchange 2007 management tools:

BahBah52Author Commented:

I am using Exchange 2000 as mentioned in my question.

Simplify Active Directory Administration

Administration of Active Directory does not have to be hard.  Too often what should be a simple task is made more difficult than it needs to be.The solution?  Hyena from SystemTools Software.  With ease-of-use as well as powerful importing and bulk updating capabilities.

BahBah52Author Commented:
But thanks for your reply.

If it's helpful to know, I also do not have access to an Exchange 2003 box at all.

I am trying to go from Exchange 2000 > Exchange 2007
Oh sorry i had misread about it. But exmerge will also work with exchange 2000.
BahBah52Author Commented:
The exmerge link you gave in your previous answer is intended for 2003. Is there a 2000 version ?

It does mention about 2000, but I was unsure if it applied to people that didn't have access to Exchange 2003 administrative tools.

Do you have access to any links for how to export mailboxes from exchange using exmerge ? and lastly, is the export a destructive process or does the Exchange 2000 information store remain intact after having the mailboxes exported ?

BahBah52Author Commented:
Just an update, I have yet to try this but will be doing so in the next couple of weeks. I shall update then.

If you are still monitoring this thread, presumably the POP3 connector service needs to be stopped during the exmerge on the source (win2k sbs server). What other services need to be stopped ?
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