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Strange Behavor in ISA 2006

Just installed ISA on a Windows Server 2003 at home.  The server is running RRAS in NAT mode and Exchange 2003.  All is working well, and that's the problem.

I have had to open several ports in ISA to allow e-mail and the such like, Including my 3 web sites that IIS hosts.  For FTP I *HAD* to create a Server Publishing Rule to allow 21 inbound. I tryed a access rule but it didn't work, but when I setup ports 80 and 443 I created a Access rule (by mistake) , and this worked as well.

I am a little confused with this, hence the post here.

A little background on the config.

SMTP - Torrent - FTP server (All running  Server Publishing Rule)
HTTP - HTTPS (All running Access rule)

Should I use the Exchange Web Client Access Wizard for OWA and the Web Sites Wizard for IIS ?  If yes, any ideas on how to set it up as its not working for me when I finish the wizard.

I use my own in house SSL cert as well,

This is a home setup and not a business machine (but my own subscription to technet)

Thanks all


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Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Actually sounds OK. Bear in mind that INBOUND (initiated from the Internet) do not access rules in NAT relationships - those are for when Route relationships are used. For NAT inbound you use the publishing rules - so you have it right.
A publishing rule will also be required for both the web and smtp traffic.

For outbound access rules, you need dns, http/https, ftp and smtp - based on what you tell us.

Excuse me.. RRAS in NAT mode? You mean ISA (internal to external) in NAT mode or your have set RRAS?!?! (ISA conflicts with RRAS)
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Bottom line - it is decided from the  firewall template you used.

If you selected the front firewall template, this will have installed ISA with a NAt relationship between the internal and external nic; if you selected backend firewall it will have created a route relationship between the two interfaces.

(gui - configuration - networks - network rules)

Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Thanks :)
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