SMS message from Outlook using MOSA

I want to be able to send a SMS message from Ms Access by starting Ms Outlook and use the phone number from Access and insert a text message.

I have downloaded and installed Microsoft Outlook SMS Addin (MOSA) which allows SMS to be sent via a mobile phone connected to the computer.

I can do this directly in Outlook and I can send email from Access so I am looking for the equivalent of = "" for
something like Em.Obj.SMS = "07771234567"

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(email EmObj is an Outlook.MailItem)
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Ok, I didn't read all of the posts fro the link but it looks like the accepted solution will give you the code that you will need.  

One other thing that didn't jump out at me when  scanning the page is that if you are going to use Outlook to do this then you will probably want to create a new account to do this from and you will then need to create a profile and make sure that the profile is not password protected.  

When the script runs (any time you use Outlook to send a message) Outlook needs to launch and load and will then execute and/or do what ever you are telling it to do.  Once the task is completely Outlook then closes down again.

Another option ...
Once you download this it will allow you to send SMS messages through an attached mobile phone without the need for Outlook.  Towards the bottom of the readme that is installed there is the syntax for running this from the command line.  From Access you could create a shell command and pass it the info from the database for sending the message.

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

So where do we stand on this?
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SeanDoherty49Author Commented:
This looks very helpful but I am on holiday now for two weeks so I cannot check it  out, but it seems to sove the problem.

I will try it when I get back and let you know.

Thank you for your solution.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

Technically you have 21 days to close a question.


Enjoy your vacation

SeanDoherty49Author Commented:
Thank you Jeff for your help.  unfortunaatley I could not get it to work here in the UK.  the sender pays for text messages not the recipient and although i was apparently able to send a message to my phone it did not arrive.

cj 1969 has provided just the sort of solution I was wanting with microsoft Sms Sender with a phone attached to the computer.

Create a btach file and sehll out to it from Access and it worrks perfectly.

Thank you
SeanDoherty49Author Commented:
Brilliant solution it was just what I was lloking for.
Easy top create a batch file and shell out to it from Access.
thank you
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