WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR: DOM Exception 4 in Safari/Chrome

I'm getting the following error in my jQuery/Javascript code when I run it on Webkit-based browsers: WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR: DOM Exception 4. When I get the error, what I'm doing is loading an external XML document (that's XHTML compliant) and replacing one of the nodes in my original web page with a node from the XML document. This works fine in Firefox and Opera. Does anybody know how I get this to work? I posted the code below. Thanks.
$('.link').click( function() {
	// this.href must point to a well-formed XHTML file or the stylesheets won't work
	$.get(this.href, function(data, textStatus) {
		try {
			$('#main').replaceWith($('#main', data));
                        // there's a <div> node in the original web page with id="main" and a <div> node in the XML page with id="main"
		catch(e) {
			alert(e);           // this gets triggered
                // do more stuff

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Albert Van HalenConnect With a Mentor Analyst developerCommented:
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