Windows Home Server vs Windows XP Pro

I have been considering getting two different computer systems recently.  One is running software that I have never used before called Windows Home Server.  The other is pretty run of the mill Win XP Pro machine.  Here are the links to the two systems respectively.

They are both available at a somewhat small computer chain near me.  The Windows Home Server is $510, the XP PRO is $400.  There are definitely some nice things about the Home Server, but I cannot seem to figure out what the great advantage is, for that more than $100 dollar difference.  The great thing about the Home Server is it has 4 drive bays, so I could concievably put 4 TeraBytes in there.  But when I think about it, the XP system is going to have probably just as many, maybe one short.

If anyone has experience with this model, or any useful thoughts or ideas that might help me figure this out, I would really love to hear it.  Thanks.
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WHS has many uses,
  • central storage for pics, music, videos etc
  • automatic backup of all pc's on the network, everynight, automatically
  • remote access to the server, and other pc's on the network
  • replicated file storage with Windows Drive Extender.
Like johnb6767 says, WHS is not a standard machine, you get special software to hook into it remotely from a standard PC.
Is the store selling a custom built version?  HP sells a preconfigured box with WHS and another layer of their own software on top which has even more bells and whistles.
It all depends on what you are trying to achieve.  if this is to be the only PC in the house, I would go for the XP box.  But if you already other 2 or more PC's as part of your setup, then I can highly recommend the WHS for networked storage and painless automated backup and recovery (of files and the PC's).
Winjdows Home SErver is not designed to be used as a regular "EveryDay" machine. It is designed to be a, well... Server. Has preconfigured shares for different types of files, That alone, if you want a machine to work on documents, email web etc... Dont get the WHS.....
FirstDownMageAuthor Commented:
I am fairly certain that Windows Home Server is the way to go, at least vs XP Pro.  Another something I am interested in doing...  we have a program at a school called Winnebago.  Its a library cataloging program.  Right now, it sits on one machine, and does its thing.  With the ability to access information from home using this Windows Home Server, I am wondering ....    could I use the system mentioned above to allow the librarian to access the program from school, running on my Windows Home Server at home.  If she could, then I could set it up to a few more machines at school, so it could be accessed from multiple places.  Is this something WIN Home Server can do, or do I need a SBS machine ?
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