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BIGINT/DECIMAL Datatype conversion issue when getting data from mysql to C#

I have a mysql 5.0 database on my machine. I have a table whose primary keys are given the type BIGINT(20). I am using ODBC via a DSN that uses the MySql ODBC driver to connect to mysql.

When I retrieve this data from the database and get it into C#, the datatype is coming across as a DECIMAL. I thought the C# equivalent of a BIGINT datatype was one of the following: long, Int32, Int64. None of these conversions seem to work.

Obviously on my id fields, I do not want decimals. Anyone have some ideas?
public static List<Message> getMessages()
        List<Message> messages = new List<Message>();
        OdbcConnection MyConn = DBConnection.getDBConnection();
        OdbcDataReader result = null;
            OdbcCommand myCmd = new OdbcCommand();
            myCmd.Connection = MyConn;
            myCmd.CommandText = mySqlQueries.getAllMessages;
            result = myCmd.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.CloseConnection);
            while (result.Read())
                Message message = new Message();
                String t = result["messageid"].GetType().ToString(); //VALUE IS DECIMAL
                message.MessageId = result.GetInt64(result.GetOrdinal("messageid")); // THIS LINE

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1 Solution
have your tried Convert.ToInt64() ?


however, from a database point of view, do you really need à 64 bit integer ? should a 32 bits integer wouldn't be sufficient ?
baijajusavAuthor Commented:
That worked! And your right, 32 bits will be plenty. Thanks!

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