Dual Wan routers - need to double my speed

hi there, I am on a slower exchange meaning I can only get 5.5mb per second, however I have 2 lines, so I want to order a second broadband and bond them together so I get 11mb a second.

Ive seen a few routers that have dual wan and they say they load balance between the two, but im unsure on this, does this mean Ill get a download rate of 11mb per sec? or does it mean Ill still get 5.5mb but a fatter 'pipe' when I do several things at once??

Does anyone have any experience of doing this, and/or can recommend a device that will give me my 11mb per sec (thats less than £200)

Id prefer a device that has 2 adsl modems built into it, but I dont think they exist


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Load balance does not mean that you will get the full speed of both connections. It means the traffic will be balanced between them.
To bond the connections for the full speed you need to use hardware at both ends, so it will have to be something that your ISP supports. Most likely it will mean a change of ISP. http://broadband.nildram.net/load_balanced/ is one example, but there will be others.
You can't just take two random ISPs and bond them.

Staffordshire_ITAuthor Commented:
Thanks loads Mestha -

Can I ask you one more thing, as you seem really clued up on this, is there any point to doing the load balancing?

We have a lot of email between my house and the office (via an exchange server) and a VOIP connection over a VPN.

Load balancing only really works where you have lots of traffic that can be split up easily. So something that remains constant all the time, like a VPN will not really work very well with a load balancer.

What I will often do is have certain types of traffic going down certain routes. So where clients have an expensive connection for business purposes I have in the past deployed a proxy server and a cheap 8mb DSL connection to route web browsing, which is what DSL is suited for.

Staffordshire_ITAuthor Commented:
Thanks loads Mestha - top bloke
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