PPTP VPN Traffic over Wireless Client Bridge


This is one thats been driving me a bit crazy.
Basically, I have a PPTP server that cannot be hardwired to the ADSL router directly.
As a result it is hardwired to a hub which is connected to a hardware wireless client, the Netgear WG602v3. This has a couple of modes one of them being "Client Mode" which means it serves as a fat wireless card in whatever router/hub its connected too.

At the same hub are my desktop, my laptop, my squeezebox and a couple of other things.

The problem:
VPN traffic will not pass through the wireless client. Any other sort of traffic will flow fine.
The PPTP server is linux based. If I plug the PPTP server directly into the ADSL router it works fine. Over the wireless client it doesnt.
As process of elimination I setup a PPTP server on my XP desktop which is connected to the wireless client and it didnt work either.

I've searched far and wide on google, netgear forums, here and haven't found anything.
My initial guess is that the wifi client isn't passing GRE 47 and I can't find any option that has anything to do with VPN's on the client.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I've attached a picasso grade network diagram to help visualise my setup.

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touficjAuthor Commented:
No MTU settings I'm afraid bignewf.
Any other ideas? :(
a wireshark capture would help here to see what is happening to the packets
you are probably right about GRE and port 1723 is needed to either be forwarded or open on this wireless device.

Also check to see if there is an MTU setting on this device, PPTP packets  can become easily fragmented over wireless connections, so MTU's in the 1400-1450 range recommended
Is the netgear at it's highest firmware revision? According to some articles, vpn support is available at   Firmware 2.10.22
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typo in last post -  they recommend 1.027 firmware to fix pptp issues
Here is a link for firmware versions:

touficjAuthor Commented:
Yeah the firmware is the latest one I made sure of that.
The 1723 port is already open and properly forwarded.

In terms of the MTU I could'nt find anywhere to modify that there is however:
* RTS Threshold (0-2347) which is set at 2347
* Fragmentention Length (256-2346) which is set at 2346

Anything there?

not what we really want  

we need MTU settings
do you have any other wireless clients to swap out?  PPTP traffic  can be difficult with these these types of routers.

again, wireshark or similar program will see what is happening to the packets, but most likely they are dropped at this device. Hub is not the greatest device to use, as it causes lots of data collisions, a switch is better, and costs the same.
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