Strange RegExp & Array issue

Posted on 2009-02-08
Last Modified: 2013-11-11
I just don't see it.... if I run the startReading() function repetetively, the [ ] around the word keep disappearing and coming back. I want to use RegExp to check for some "text modifiers", and use a function selectRegEx to see what RegExp is applicable. This is what is used to convert the raw input from the array to the output in the TextArea.

But what do I do wrong?  Thanks a lot!!

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<mx:Application xmlns:mx="" layout="absolute" creationComplete="startReading()" backgroundGradientAlphas="[1.0, 1.0]" backgroundGradientColors="[#F0EA8A, #55510E]">



			private var regexOPEN	: RegExp = /#(.*?)#/g;			// filters for #...#

			private var regexMC		: RegExp = /\[#(.*?)#\]/g;		// filters for [#...#]

			private var regexNEG	: RegExp = /\[!#(.*?)#\]/g;		// filters for [!#...#]


			private var testData1: Array = ["[#regexMC#]"];

			private var testData2: Array = ["[!#regexNEG#]", "[#regexMC#]"];

			private var testData3: Array = ["[!#regexNEG#]", "[#regexMC#]", "#regexOPEN#"];

			private var testData4: Array = ["[!#regexNEG#]", "#regexOPEN#", "[#regexMC#]"];


			private function selectRegEx(rawText: String): RegExp {

				var regexOutput: RegExp = new RegExp();

				// check regexOPEN last (will also test "true" for MC/NEG and falsely provide output)

				if (regexNEG.test(rawText)) {

					regexOutput = regexNEG;

				} else if (regexMC.test(rawText)) {

					regexOutput = regexMC;

				} else if (regexOPEN.test(rawText)) {

					regexOutput = regexOPEN;

				} else {

					regexOutput = regexOPEN; // just taking a default to garantee output


				return regexOutput;



			// create text for reading mode (strip text modifiers)

			private function convertToRead(rawText: String): String {

				var strippedText: String;

				strippedText = rawText.replace(selectRegEx(rawText), "$1");

				return strippedText;



			private function startReading(): void {

				var readItems: String = "";

				for each (var item: String in testData1) {

					readItems += convertToRead(item) + "<br/><br/>";


				txaItem.htmlText = "<br/>" + readItems;




	<mx:Panel width="447" height="294" layout="absolute" horizontalCenter="0" verticalCenter="-20">

		<mx:TextArea width="407" height="182" id="txaItem" textAlign="center" fontSize="16" fontWeight="bold" x="10" y="10"/>

		<mx:Button x="151.5" y="200" label="Test" width="124" height="44" fontSize="18" click="startReading()"/>



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Question by:pieter78
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    Accepted Solution

    All right, I have it solved, but using a different approach. Either it is a bug in AS3 or a bug in me, but I just cannot see what I did wrong.

    If I use code example 1 (see snippet) where I apply the RegExp.test(String) function, things go messy.
    If I use code example 2 (snippet) applying then it works.

    In some way -which I find strange- the Boolean output of the test() function causes the issue. I I add some trace() comments during testing where I use this test() as well, the whole output of the function gets influenced!

    I simply suggest not using test() anymore, but instead check whether > -1

    Code example 1 (NOT WORKING):
    if (regexNEG.test(rawText)) {
       regexOutput = regexNEG;
    } else if (regexMC.test(rawText)) {
       regexOutput = regexMC;
    } else if (regexOPEN.test(rawText)) {
       regexOutput = regexOPEN;
    Code example 2 (works):
    if ( > -1) {
       regexOutput = regexNEG;
    } else if ( > -1) {
       regexOutput = regexMC;
    } else if ( > -1) {
       regexOutput = regexOPEN;

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