open in web-based gmail

How can I get an email address on a website to open in the web-based version of gmail?
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sunithnairConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I tried this link in Firefox and when i click on it it takes me to gmail login screen and after i login takes me directly to the compose message window. Was this your requirement?
Try this please
<a href=""></a>

Open in new window

verpitAuthor Commented:
I use Firefox and for me, it just brings up a list of websites in google....   That get's me to thinking that maybe firefox has a plug-in for this?   hmmm

Thanks for your effort sunithnair.  What do you think?
verpitAuthor Commented:
hmmm  it didn't do that for me.  thank you for trying, points will be awarded a+

I found a plug-in though that will do it.  It is a firefox plug-in/add-on called mailfrom

Thank you again
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