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SMS Gateway


What are the requirements for building a email to sms   sms gateway.
I want my site to be able to distribute emails to sms to thouse who have signed up for sms notification accross Europe

I do not want to use any other company's sms gateway API
I have my site hosted at a remote webhotel but i dont have a clue / experiense regarding bulk sms systems.

Also which hardware requirements are there ?
So please carry over with my lack of experience in this regard and give a new bee explanation

Thank you for taking your time

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1 Solution
You can take either of two routes. The first is to use a commercial SMS gateway or the second is to completely develop your own gateway software. From your post, you indicate an interest in the second method.

Sending (and receiving) SMS messages basically involved sending sequences of commands through a port to either a GSM modem or a mobile phone.

Your requirements are as follows:

(1) Choose your programming language. This may well be limited by your choice of platform. For web applications, you may well be restricted to Java, C++ or similar languages that are supported on your hosting platform.

(2) Get either a suitable GSM modem or a mobile phone with a PC connection. I would strongly suggest a Nokia.

(3) Become familiar with connectivity issues, error handling, AT GSM commands and the sending and receiving of SMS messages. The best resource I have seen is here http://www.developershome.com/sms/

More information here http://www.activexperts.com/activcomport/tutorials/sms/
ActiveExperts supply their own API but do not disregard their site even though their API does not interest you. They have a great deal of information on their site that will help you.

More resources that will help you are:

(4) Develop and troubleshoot your software

What you are undertaking is not a simple task but it is something that you can build on over time once you get a basic version working.

Just a follow up to my post above... having looked at your profile, you could develop your software in VB as long as your web hosting platform supports it.
vbturboAuthor Commented:
Hi Mike

and thanks for replying.

Yes i am well aware that it is a huge task to develop a sms gateway. But this is what i am going to do.
And yes my host supports asp.net 3.0 and up

But let me hear your recommendations regarding hardware requirements

1) i am talking bulk sms 5000+ a day and accross scandinavian and europe
2) I want to route the sms through smtp (email to sms) "that would only one way direction". and only a very
    little string of text in each sms            

What type of GSM modem are we talking here ? (one from Nokia ?)    
and are you familiar with which telecompanies that providing as to their telenet (i assume that is through sim card)
Can you recommend a european telecom ? (again excuse my lack of experience)

vbturboAuthor Commented:

to quick to submit

What type of GSM modem are we talking here ? (one from Nokia ?)  and the size of it  
and are you familiar with which telecompanies that providing access to their telenet (i assume that is through sim card)
I would strongly recommend Nokia because of their commitment to mobile communications and  the amoun tof reference documentation available.

You would probably be better going with a Nokia mobile phone and the appropriate comms cable when developing the application. This will help you when testing. When deploying, you can go either with a mobile phone or a GSM modem. An older phone such as the 6230i is absolutely perfect for the initial development because of it's level of support for SMS.

With careful coding and removal of as much overhead as possible from the mobile device, you should be able to send well over 700 SMS messages per hour which means that your target of 5000+ per day should be easily reachable.

I'm not sure what you mean by telenet (i assume that is through sim card)???

You would be better working with a mobile operator in your country as it would be cheaper.

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