Best webcam for Online Music lessons

I'm a musician (I play saxophone, guitar and flute professionally) who wants to start sharing my music lessons free with the Internet community. I want to choose a new webcam that features the following:

~as high a quality that is practical for broadband delivery
~ 16:9 aspect ratio
~ PC x64 Vista SP1
~ USB 2.0
~ quality microphone built-in
~ being able to deal with high and low sound pressure levels (compression/limiter built in)
~ mounting options (on LCD screen at least, perhaps standing too for flute and saxophone)

I have a concern with the input signal. If I play electric guitar, I wonder if its possible to take the output of a guitar/amp modeler to the webcam recording? Anything that supports 1/8" output would work. For tenor saxophone, I would use the built-in mic but it should adapt to me speaking one moment and be heard easily and then playing the example on the horn without the recording distorting. I do have a small outboard mixer to make all these connections possible so, I just need a plan for getting the various instruments (separate videos btw), and my voice all in sync. I hope this is clear enough to the expert. Please ask questions if not.

Software editing-wise, I am only concerned about ease of use or not if it limits my options. I am an experienced computer user (MCSE) and utilize many mainstream applications for audio and video recording/editing, but a dedicated camcorder is not in the picture. So, I would like to be able to take whatever high quality video/audio movies the web cam takes and then edit it using either the utilities given with the webcam or else use my own (Premier, Audition or Vista Movie Maker). It really depends on whaterver allows me to get my online lessons out there quickly, with quality for video and sound, and allows the student to have a great experience.

Thanks experts!
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I would recommend the QuickCam Pro 9000 with Carl Zeiss optics:  If you're capturing music, I would recommend a dedicated microphone, as the frequency response would be much better - webcams are suitable for voice, which is a much narrower band than music.
saxguyAuthor Commented:
I'll check it out and advise..thanks
I second that Quickcam 9000, I've got the 5000 & 9000 and they are very good indeed.

Otherwise some of the Microsoft Lifecams  VX-6000, VX7000

PCworld : £48.92 for the VX7000  (web price) usual price £79
PCWorld : 49.34 quickcam 90000 (web price) Usual price £68

saxguyAuthor Commented:
Thanks Redd and Callendor ... ordered the Logitech...Hey did you know there was a famous bassist by the name of Red Callendar? I'll take it as a good sign you both answered
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