Looking for a tutorial for an image gallery AS3.0

I'm making a portfolio website in Flash and I wondered if there were any AS 3.0 tutorials that I can use to create a gallery page on this site that displays thumbnails that one can click on & which then show an enlarged picture. Something along those lines. I have doen this before in AS2.0, but now I'm learning AS3.

Anywhere I can get some free examples?
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Eaddy BarnesITCommented:

http://www.ffiles.com has allot of raw files you can download and reuse.


Jason210Author Commented:
Great, thanks.
I'll keep this open a little longer for more suggestions.
Jason ThompsonSenior UX DesignerCommented:
This isn't a tutorial, but a very customizable Flash component that I've had a lot of success with:

Jason210Author Commented:
Nice Graphixer - thanks.
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