no wireless reception on a bcm94306mp wirelss card!

I just installed a bcm94306mp wireless card (better known as a Dell Trumeobile 1300), finally got the drivers to install, and now it does not detect any wireless networks, even though the nearest wireless router is only 4 feet away. i have installed an antenna on the card, and the router is functioning (the nintendo wii connects to it without a hitch and works flawlessly)

what can i do to figure out whats going on?
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Then it looks like a bad card. Test it using a livecd like puppylinux:
mooglinuxAuthor Commented:
another thing: i got a broadcom tool for controlling the device instead of using the built-in windows utility, and i am able to view all of the wireless networks when i go to a tab called 'site monitor' but when i try to connect, the list of available netowrks is blank. i am using version of the Dell Wireless Utility

the antenna clearly works then. but somehow i cant connect...
You should also mention What OS you are using. Then, have you tried disabling all security functions of your router and connecting that way, then once you get it going enable WPA security again? Also it is generally better not to use 3rd party tools, but rather the builtin wireless zero config of windows.
mooglinuxAuthor Commented:
running windows XP sp3, and the router has no security (no mac address filtering, wpa, etc) the build in  windows tool did not find any networks either
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