File Security greyed out in Citrix Connection Center (XenApp client Citrix client 11)

The main problem is that client cannot print to her local printer from citrix published application

I am unable to check the 'File Security' options for her Citrix client as the File Security button is greyed out.

Currently the client has XenApp client (Citrix client 11) WEB plugin installed.
I removed this and installed the full client, but same issue occured.

Deleted IE cache and deleted the ICAClient folder under local profile, but no fix.

It worked previously with an older version of the client, and I havent had any other issues reported by other users, and have tested it OK myself so the issue isn't server related
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Printing isn't controlled by File security. Does the printers get mapped? What happens if she tried to print?

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ServerManagementTeamAuthor Commented:
The printer doesn't map at all
In windows explorer manually going to \\client doesn't work, whereas usually it should show available printers (and available drives, but this is disabled server-side)
ServerManagementTeamAuthor Commented:
"Printing isn't controlled by File security."

That helped me with my troubleshooting, found the issue was to do with the local printer setup on the PC. Thanks !
I have the same problem. What is the answer???????????????????????????
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