DUN Problem - Connected But Not Connected

On my C drive I have slowly encountered a problem where when I am connected to the internet on my dialup I will lose the ability to use the connection. This will happen anywhere from minutes to hours into a session. I have more than one isp dialup provider and this will happen to any provider I have. I have an Agere/Trendnet external modem.

When I am connected and lose my ability to use the connection it will still show that I am connected and listening to phone I will hear "modem sounds".

I am using Windows XP Professional
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Danny ChildConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
There's some modem test software here that can be used.  

Can you use a different pc with the same external modem? I'd also suggest trying to simplify or shorten cable runs to the master phone socket if possible.  IMHO, there can be a lot of signal drop due to dodgy connections.
Danny ChildConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
Also, ring your Telco, and have them do a Line Test.  They can often diagnose poor quality signals, and fix accordingly...
AmunhotepAuthor Commented:
The problem happens with either of my 2 telephone lines. One line is a long run and cannot be helped and the other is a run of less than 3 feet. I am generally connected to the longer run line as it is my computer line and the shorter run is my normal phone line but I have another computer connected to this line as needed.

Using the modem on another computer is possible but seeing as I am handicapped that poses a potential problem.

Also I have a second drive and this problem does not happen on the other infrequently used drive for surfing purposes.

I am thinking that it may be necessary to either do a full reinstall or a non-destructive repair of my C drive. Either one is messy !!!
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AmunhotepAuthor Commented:
I am gong to replace the long run of my phone line in question and sometime at the beginning of next month (when I can afford t) replace the external modem.

I still suspect that this heart of the problem lies within the C drive itself because I have other DUN problems, in that at boot it will sometimes fail to load DUN or at times it will be able to dial but when it is connected there is no indication of a connection next to the clock at the bottom of the screen or in the dial up shortcut will be blank.

For this reason I highly suspect that either a full reinstall or a non-destructive (repair) install might be necessary to fix the problem.

The computer is a senior citizen.
AmunhotepAuthor Commented:
I have replaced the long run of the phone line and it does not help. I have also tired to use a 2nd different phone line with the same results.

I will be forced into waiting to replace the modem until next month when I have funds available.

I am still thinking my final solution will either be a non-destructive rebuild or a full reinstall.

I think you for your time !!!
AmunhotepAuthor Commented:
This may not be my solution but it might be for others. I must wait till I can order a new modem and the phone company tells me I am a low priority & that it will be about 10 days before they can get to me. I will take  up this matter, id necessary at a later date.
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
Thanks for the Accept.  Sorry to hear you're not at the bottom of it yet.  Looking at the modem is the next sensible thing to do - you're right there.  I'd make sure you have updated drivers for it too.  
Is it possible to try it in your 2nd pc, as a test?

I suspect that it's not a software issue, and so would leave the rebuild till the very last option.  
hth, Danny
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