Terminal Server printing

A remote windows XP 32bit user has a brother HL-5270DN Printer installed via the local (remote) network.

When they connect to the Windows Server 2008 64bit server via Remote Desktop (with printer option ticked) the printer does not install.

The printer drivers are installed on the Server.

There are no errors in logs about it attempting to connect, or failing.

how can we get this remote printer working?
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mti-supportAuthor Commented:
any other ideas?
Alex AppletonBusiness Technology AnalystCommented:
If it is a network printer see this MS KB article:
You might need to edit the registry on the client computers to allow redirection of printers attached to the network.  Normal redirection only applies to printers attached to COM and LPT ports.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\Default\Addins\RDPDR
mti-supportAuthor Commented:
it is a USB connected printer.  can the same ID be allocted every time the user logs in?
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