Choosing between Migo PC Backup - Pro 10 & Acronis True Image Home

I have evaluating both of these applications for home usage (w/VISTA) and was wondering if anyone can speak about why they would choose one over the other. I what to be able to do the following:

           - create a system recovery disk
           - create system backups weekly
           - create data backups daily
           - create registry backups
           - create email backups

Please tell me  your preferences.
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I have to say, go with Acronis, not because I advise against using Migo but because I have used Acronis for over a year and never had any problems with it. If this is just for a single home computer and not a croup of clients I also suggest using a program called backup platinum, which can be downloaded and evaluated for 30 days from
on EE most experts and myself favor Acronis - it has some nice features :
-automatic adapt to larger or smaller partitions
-migration to othe rr hardware with "generic" drivers
-easy GUI, and easy to use wizards
amadeus023Author Commented:
MSRamrod:  Why would you suggest Backup Platinum over Acronis for a home computer?
amadeus023Author Commented:
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