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Crystal report for eclipse font problem.

Im using Crystal Report For Eclipse 1.0.4.
I want to display text on page with specific font.
I set font there but i think there is problem.
Some of users cant view proper report due to font problem.
How to force to viewer to display text in the specified font?
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1 Solution
Kurt ReinhardtSr. Business Intelligence Consultant/ArchitectCommented:
Crystal Reports depends very highly on printer settings, either the default printer or a specified printer.  If your users don't have the same printer drivers, they won't necessary see what you've created in exactly the manner you desire.  Try not to use special fonts/printer-specific fonts unless you know your users have access to it.  Generally speaking, when I design reports for a client, I try to use the same printer they will or a generic, commonly used laser printer with common fonts like arial and times new roman.

omkar_kelkar4uAuthor Commented:
Thanx rhinok!
but my problem is not at all related with printer.
Problem is with viewer only...
I used Arial font first, but now using Lucida sans...
I was facing problem that time & now also...
I justified text on textfield, but in viewer no text formatted as justified.
If I export report in PDF format then I get exact report as I desgned!
so there is problem with Viewer only I think...

Experts, remember plz Im using Crystal report for eclipse plug-in, not Crystal report software...
If I've posted this thread in wrong area here then tell me plz.
Kurt ReinhardtSr. Business Intelligence Consultant/ArchitectCommented:
It's the right forum, but many of the same issues and solutions still apply.  That being said, did you custom build the viewer or are you using one that came with the Eclipse API?  What kind of viewer is it? HTML, DHTML or Java? HTML doesn't necessarily render the same on screen, for example, but if you're viewing the report in a Java viewer, it should look the same.

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Since Crystal uses the default printer driver to render the prview, the problem may be in the printer driver.

I am not sure if it uses the default driver when it exports to PDF or not.

Is the Lucinda font loaded on the printer or the user's machine?

omkar_kelkar4uAuthor Commented:
Im using CR4E 1.0.4 (Crystal Report for Eclipse) plug-in by Bussiness Objects. & viewer comes with this plug-in...
Now its latest version is available CR4E 2.0 but I cant change my set environment.
Im not getting ur printer driver matter... u both said about this so it can b, but Im not getting what is its meaning... its not compulsory that user having printer.

Im working as a developer in company & our client needs this report.
Im attaching screen shots 1) Design screenshot & 2) At clients comp...

For our client security, Im hiding some text.
I've encircled the area where text overflows at client side...
In design screenshot, report window with properties box included.

Thanx rhinok & mlmcc...

& 1 more thing... I think this problem may b becoz of font unavailability at client PC...
If this is d problem then:
What is d way to force that plug-in to use font from server?
omkar_kelkar4uAuthor Commented:
This is my code...
CrystalReportViewer viewer = new CrystalReportViewer();
            //Get the report source object that this viewer will be displaying.
            Object reportSource = session.getAttribute("reportSource");
            //Render the report.
            viewer.processHttpRequest(request, response, getServletConfig().getServletContext(), null);
omkar_kelkar4uAuthor Commented:
As not a single expert is replying me solution, Im closing this topic...
Unfortunately there aren't many Crystal for Eclipse experts out there.

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