External swf keeps looping.

I have main flash file which loads and external swf file.

The external swf has a preloader.

When I run the external file, it runs the preloader, then shows the content, so this works fine.

however when I load it via the main movie, the preloader constantly loops and never show the content.

here is the code I use to load the external swf.

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Cheryl LanderAsked:
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pepsichrisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How does the preloader determine when it's loaded? If it's something to do with _root then that'll probably be your problem...

If it's not immediately obvious then post your preloader code here so we can have a look through it.
Cheryl LanderAuthor Commented:
I have this code on line 1 of the main movie
This is the only code I have on the timeline fo the main movie.

I have a preloader on the external file.

The external file plays fine.
Cheryl LanderAuthor Commented:
just worked it out.

Changed _root to _parent

Yep, but the preloader will be the bit causing the problem - it will probably be doing some check for the loaded file, using the root or parent or something, and it'll fail cos the reference will be different when it's loaded in.

Can you post the code behind the preloading, and then we'll help you to work this out...
Excellent, glad it worked out!
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