Printers using XP with parallels on a mac

I am running XP Pro on a Mac using Parallels.  It seems that I cannot print from both the Mac and XP at the same time.  I have to disable the printer in Parallels to print from the Mac and visa versa.  Is this the way it has to be or am I doing something wrong?
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On the windows side try to install Bonjour for windows so OSX sees it.
In Mac OS X, open System Preferences -> Sharing -> Services and enable the Printer Sharing service.
Go to System Preferences -> Print & Fax -> Sharing and make sure that your printer is enabled in the "Share these printers with other computers" list.
Make sure that your printer is able to print from the Mac side (print a test page).
In Windows VM download and install Apple Bonjour for Windows - 
When Bonjour installation is complete, start Bonjour Printer Wizard on your Windows desktop.
Click Next. Select your printer from the Wizard's Shared Printers list and click Next.
You should select either Generic/Postscript driver for your printer or your printer particular model if it's available in the list. Hit Next.
Click Finish and try printing any document using the Bonjour printer.
What kind of a Printer is this? USB i assume, if so when you print from the Windows side, the Printer is connected to one of your USB ports, which you may have to disconnect once you wish to print from the Mac side.

1. If you can have this printer set up as a Network printer then you could use IP based printing from either OS.
2. You can share the printer on the Windows side and access it from the Mac side provided Windows is running.

Please provide any additional information so that i can try and give more specific answers if the above do not help.
orthoscheduleAuthor Commented:
The printer(s) are USB.  One is an Epson R1800 and the other is a Brother All in one. I did consider sharing the printers on one or the other, but I was hoping there was a way for Mac and PC to share. this is the first time I've used Parallels.  I thought perhaps the was a setting to allow this. Neither printer is network ready, so I would have to purchase more equipment to make that setup work.  
Since parallels is giving you a virtualized instance of Windows, any Hardware on the Mac side will have to be shared with Windows side, example your CD drive, you will be able to access it on either the Mac or Windows but not both at the same time. the same thing applies to any USB device connected, at this time i am not aware of any way to twak the setting to allow this setup, but maybe will have a look at this once i get to the office tomorrow, where i have a few systems that i can check this on.

Sharing appears to be the cheapest alternative for you to use it from both systems.
orthoscheduleAuthor Commented:
These are all good work arounds.  Am I to assume that parallels isn't set up to share printers simultaneously with Mac and Windows?
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