Double signature in Microsoft Outlook emails(Office 2003 SP3)

Hi to everybody,

I have issue with the signature in MS Outlook 2003. When I have the mail with person's signature and I save it in DRAFTS next I open the same body mail and I do FORWARD I discovered that the signature appeared twice instead of once. When I close outlook and I open it again after I open the same  body mail from DRAFTS signature is appeared once. Please I need explanation why this happens or advice what should I do to handle this.
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ExcelGuideConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
you could solve this by just opening the draft and then send the email, so without clicking REPLY or FORWARD.

Then you avoid the duplicate signature.
Yes, I have the same problem actually. This is because the email body gets saved and when you click forward, outlook just inserts another signature. This is because outlook cannot read signature and decide the signature is not needed. So you must delete this manually.
NuteloAuthor Commented:
Hi Psychotec,

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately people which I'm working with will be not satisfied with this explanation. I know that this situation may causes some kind of Office update but I don't know which. Up to now I didn't find any information which update affect functionality of signature.
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