VISTA : cannot format. this volume is write protected

I'm installing a new machine with new HD.
I have begin to install Vista on it BUT .... sundenly a problem and since then I'm not able to install Vista again.
It seems that on the HD there is a "temp" disk which contains some of the vista install directory (program files / users / windows on a +/- 30 Mb partition.

This partition seems to be write protected, and therefore ....

I'm not able to delete this partition to get rid of the problem

What's the solution ????
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torimarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Download Parted Magic:

Burn the .iso image to get a bootable CD, boot off it, select the "Partition Editor" icon on the desktop, delete all partitions you find on the HD, create a new Ntfs partition. Reboot and try installing again.
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