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Hi, we're running some sort of Apache server on an Windows Server machine. Our webb application recieves e-mails. Nowadays docx, xlsx formats are quite common and our users got those extensions for ZIP files. opening up the file like a archive with files. Pretty but now very useful. The only way for the users to got the documents is right-click choose download. Save the file on disk and replace the ZIP extension to the correct extension (i.e. document.docx instead of The file itself is named document.docx in the e-mail.
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but whats the question ??

do you want to add docx file types in apace

have a look this one

you need to add the docx in apache
dingirAuthor Commented:
The second post did it perfectly. I was tried the methodf of the first post first but it failed (maybe it works also if I restart the apache-services)
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