Why does IE7 keep losing my stored username / password settings for Microsoft CRM?

I am a software tester testing a customisation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in IE7 under XP.

I have bookmarked the link to the CRM web interface and allowed IE to store my username and password. This worked fine for quite a while - each time I wanted to load up the main CRM page it loaded fine. However, it then stopped working and IE showed an error message saying that I am not connected to the internet. This wasn't true though  - I tested the network connection by pinging the server - it worked. I then tried to access the CRM interface using firefox - this worked OK too, except that I can't use firefox to test CRM as it doesn't display the interface layout correctly. I must use IE7.

I did find a workaround though: I opened "User Accounts" from the XP control panel and deleted the saved password settings for the CRM URL there. I was then able to access CRM again using IE7 so I re-saved my login details in IE7. This worked fine for a while but then the same thing happened again the following day - so I used the workaround again. Now another day later its happened again.

What can I do? I don't want to enter my login everytime I launch the CRM web interface. I have reinstalled IE7 but that didn't help. ANy suggestions greatly appreciated.
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athar_anisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
dear xoundboy,
it seems to me that you are using a security software or a system utility that is scheduled to clean up your computer cache everytime before you either shutdown or start your computer...
you gotta check it
try disabling few security softwares and saving the CRM password, then try rebooting your computer. make sure no such software executed during this process...
see if this helps...
good luck !!
xoundboyAuthor Commented:
hi thanks for your comment and sorry for the delay - actually it began working again for no apparent reason shortly after I posted the bug so I don't really know whether it could have been related to what you suggested. I'm giving you some points anyway since what you said may have been correct. We'll never know :(
lol.. thanks buddy...
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