4402 controller

We have deployed aironet 1310 APs with a 4402 controller, The controller sees the AP's and and the machines see the SSID of the Wirless network, the clients cannot seem to pull a DHCP address, but when i directly connect to the switch i can pick up a DHCP address from the correct scope. It looks like it is searching but it does not come back with one. is there an option i am missing? Can someone give me some any good suggestions?
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rosado7050Author Commented:
Yes i did connect the laptop to the same switch that the AP's are hanging off of and i get an IP. I tryed to tagged the AP ports into the VLAN but then i loose the SSID...

i do not get connectivity when i  set a static IP.
Have you tried plugging an AP into the same switch as when you wire-connect the laptop?

Also, do you have connectivity when you set a static IP address when connecting over wireless?

Are you using WPA or WEP? I seem to remember if you use WEP and set the wrong index, it still connects to the wireless network but you have no connectivity.
Is there any update on this issue, rosado7050?
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