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Outlook 2007 Adding Hyperlink Crashes / Times Out Outlook


This issue only started happening with us last week and is driving us nuts! We can't see any corresponding patch / change that co-incides with the issue.

When users try and insert a hyperlink to a shared drive from an email (straight windows CIFS share) on a local file server (NetApp CIFS Share) it hangs outlook for up to 15 minutes.

Strangely it only happens on one of our mapped drives. All other drives it works fine (they're all on the same NetApp CIFS share)

If you navigate to the problematic drive through Windows Explorer it's super quick with no issues.

Has anyone else had this? Any help appreciated..


OS: XP Pro
Platform: VMWare VDI Latest Patches
RAM: 1Gb
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1 Solution
Not sure why you are only having problems with one of the hyperlinks. I had a similar issue with all hyperlinks...it ended up being something with Microsoft Word. Try disable word as the editor and see if you still have the same problem. Again its odd how only 1 hyperlink causes this issue...
MVTechiesAuthor Commented:
We'll give it a go - thanks. It is a strange one - if it was a central problem with the one drive I'd be happier too...but it's only hyperlinks in Outlook.
MVTechiesAuthor Commented:
Found the issue - there was a shortcut in the root of this volume pointing to a location that was no longer available on another server.

Removed the shortcut and all was sorted. Strange why Outlook 2007 behaved in this way when explorer was fine...?

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