TD width increasing normal percentage under Safari / Chrome


I got a light problem but which is very "strange". Here it is :

I got a table with 3 columns : left and right have a width of 23% each while the middle column having the remaining space. Everything looks good under IE, FF, Opera.

But for some reason, under Safari 3.2.1 & Chrome, my right column has a wider space than it normaly must have ! In fact, it expand and take the space of the middle column which normaly is my main part of the site. Anoying...

Even better ; I tried to fix it with javascript solutions after the page has loaded and it didn't work either.

You can check that at this address :

Does anyone ever faced this problem ? Have you solved it ?
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Eoin OSullivanConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
Safari & Chrome use the WebKit rendering engine which differs from the ones used by Firefox, IE and Opera (each of these also has their own particular flaws too).

% widths can be tricky when you use colspan or rowspan in the same table.

Either add a Chrome/Safari CSS rule to set a width in pixels .. or consider using a slightly different layout with nested tables.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
Looking at the CSS .. I note that if you change the width of #columnRight from 23% to 200px, then it adjusts properly.  This would imply that the % division of columns is not completely valid.

I see that in the top row of the table  .. you have td#columnTop .. which has a Colspan = 2.

This double width column at the top of the table (with no fixed width or %) .. has the effect of messing up the columns that come beneath.
humer2000Author Commented:
Yes, that's true for the fixed width, I've done it.

There's normally no problem with the td#columnTop colspan="2" as it is equal to td#columnMid & td#columnRight.

But, is percentage a recursive problem under Safari &/ Chrome ?

Sure, it solve my problem but I'm always trying to make a website easily updated ; if I want to change de width of my mainpart, I only have to change 1 setting. Putting fixed values is not going on this direction...
humer2000Author Commented:
Thanks for the tip ! ;)
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