Invoke Acrobat Reader PDF email function from ASP or Javascript

Is it possible to invoke the Acrobat Reader Email function?

We are developing an online CRM/intranet solution and are using to generate PDF files. After the generation of the PDF file, we present the PDF file to the user, using the local installed Acrobat Reader. Here the user has the ability to Print, Save and Email the PDF file.

When clicking on the email icon, Acrobat Reader uses the local installed email client ie. Outlook. Is it possible to have the Email icon using our online email client instead?

A work around for us would be to make a button on the HTML page that start up our online email client and attaches the PDF file. Can we then disable Acrobat Readers email icon?

Thank you
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The only solution I can think of is to create a hyperlink in the PDF (either text or image) to your online email system, however users would have to attached the file manually as IE security will prevent you from doing it any other way.

I don't know how you create your PDF's but is should be simple to add the hyperlink in.

Sorry, if this is not the solution you are after, but I cannot see any other way to achieve what you are after as you cannot over-ride adobe's program - this would be a serious security breach if you could!!!
The question "Is it possible to invoke the Acrobat Reader Email function?" was answered, albeit with a No - but I did offer as much of a workaround as is possible.
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