I created two GP one for the redi of the desktop the other to redi of the documents folder.
I created a root folder for both ( do i need to share them?) have have not.  the path is \\srv\desktop
Everything worked, but I have to remove them, I recreated them and now only the GP of the desktop works, when I go to the syn icon i see that there is a path of \\srv\desktop, but not the \\srv\document.
I have deleted the GP, recreated, restarted the server and notthing,
What I'm I missing? How can Iget it to work again.
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ACollyerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you try running GPRESULT on your client machine and post the output here? It will be useful to see if the client is taking notice of the Documents policy.
noadAuthor Commented:
Sorry it took me so long to get back, but Ihave been working day and night on the network.
Here is what I did to fix my problem
I took of my GP and part of the GP was for the (Desktop & Documnets folder) to go back to the users.
Where I made my mistake was that I formatted the drive where I had the (desktop & documents)  folder before the GP was able to copy the information back to the users (Desktop & Document) folder.
So all that I had to d owas recreate the GP recreate the Desktop & Documents folder, put back all the users data into the fodler and let the GP replicate back to the users and it worked.

When I did the GPRESULT it made me aware!
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