Install Perl on ESXi 3.5+

I would like to install perl on ESXi. Unfortunately all the help I can find redirects me to the RCLI, however if you've worked with the RCLI you will know why I am rather looking to install it on ESXi. I can SSH onto ESXi and use SCP to copy files, but a little more functionality would be nice.      

I don't know what flavour of Linux or BSD or whatever ESXi is based on, but have identified Busybox with an -ash shell, so I expect its only a matter of time before someone figures out how to add some user-friendliness to it.

In short: If you've managed to install anything (other than VMs) - I would like to know how.

Also the fact that ESXi doesn't seem to be USB friendly, looks more like an oversight, and I am sure we're supposed to install or configure something, just a pity there doesn't seem to be any  HOW TO docs.

Note aside:  The  RCLI perl scripts seem to be buggy enough to warrant installing perl onto ESXi,  to enable it to work on the console (via ssh).
(See the file upload section towards the bottom of the blog)
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MikeKaneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ESXi and ESX has no support for USB at this time AFAIK.    

To get around the PERL issue in ESXi, use the VIMA virtual machine right from the VMWare virtual machine downloads.  Its free.    VIMA is a VM that comes with a perl toolkit installed with some tools to remotely execute scripts on an ESXi box.    We use it to run the backup scripts for the VMs.    Give that a shot, its a decent workaround.
larstrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Normal ESX has support for mounting USB devices locally in the SC (can't be used to host VMs or anything VM related), but ESXi has (as MikeKane said) no support for USB.

ESXi is not based on a linux or bsd distro, but has a "linux compatible" layer where the busybox environment runs. It lacks most things you would need in order to install things, so I guess that's why we haven't seen too many such things showing up.

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