Changing the root level permissions on a large folder

I have to change the permissions on a whole root level folder and filter them down etc... Normally this wouldnt be a problem and its click, click and click and its done. Now I can do this process using the same method, but want to get this all done in one weekend.

However, this folder does not sit on a physical volume. Its Tiered over 2 NetApp CIFs shares and a HP NAS Server using a Acopia ARX500 to present the data as a logical volume.

The root folder in question is roughly around 20Tb in size and its on logical volume on a tiered storage system.

So using the normal method of change permissions in windows GUI takes a year and a day and often crashes the box. I know xcacls.exe is another method for doing this but i have never used it.

What would be the most effect solution for this problem?


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AAM_ITAuthor Commented:
Please close this question. As its a repost.
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