Delete exchange 2007 email addresses

Hi all!

I want to remove an specified email address from all users in my enterprise. Can you help me how to do this?

I had an authoritative domain and everybody has an email address . This domain no longer exists, i deleted it from accepted domains, but every one has an email addrss wich I want to delete.

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nkulshConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Let me respond to my own posting. Yes ADModify works with Exchange 2007!
Start ADModify. I used version 2.1:
Select Modify Attribute. Pick domain and DC. Click on arrow. In ADUC like interface, click on desried OU. Select all the users after they show-up in the right pan. Click next. Go to E-Mail Addresses tab; check and configure the box labeled 'Remove E-mail Address'.... like "smtp:*".
From the hub transport, you also need to modify the email address policy.
dangy85Author Commented:
I have deleted also the email address policy, that email address in the default email address policy, but it hasnet modifiyed the email address on recipients.
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After you change the email policy - you can right click on the policy and select apply to re-apply the policy.
I don't think email address policy will remove the addresses - in much the same way that recipient policy wouldn't in Exchange 2003. should be able to remove the addresses for you though.

Are you sure ADmodify would work? With Exchange 2007, email addresses are not part of User Properties in AD, even with Windows 2003.
dangy85Author Commented:
Thanks guys I solved my problem using ADModify !
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