Problems Editing categories and colors on Outlook calendar appointment pane

I am running several versions of Outlook on 9 different workstations running on an Exchange 2007, Server 2003 Standard x64 R2 network. The Outlook 2000-02 version does not allow editing of categories(labels) when setting up an appointment for the calendar. All of the options are greyed out. The same profile on an Outlook 2007 machine does allow editing of the aforementioned. How can I restore the ability to edit categories(labels) in my older versions of Outlook?
Roger BaileyOperations ManagerAsked:
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Roger BaileyConnect With a Mentor Operations ManagerAuthor Commented:
after sitting on this one for several months, I eventually had to delete the profile of the person in question. After rebuilding their profile, I still had no editing abilities on the Outlook public calendar. After running around and chasing my tail for several hours looking at setting permissions in Exchange, and then in Outlook, and then in Exchange, I ran across another post about pfdavadmin. Pfdavadmin allows administration of the public folders. Easy to install and simple to use. I now have editing capabilities for this user agian.
Roger BaileyOperations ManagerAuthor Commented:
I am upping the point value in order to get some feedback. My manager would like his calendar to have the color coded labels and to be able to edit them.
peakpeakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Update to Outlook 2003/7
Roger BaileyOperations ManagerAuthor Commented:
I hear you. I would if i could, but not my call at this point. However, your comment might lend some weight in making that upgrade. Thanks.
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