What does xp use to trigger chkdsk


I am working on a XPe laptop, a Dell D810.  Im trying to figure out what Windows uses to 'trigger' chkdsk on bootup.  is it autochk?

Thank you
Bob LawlessComputer systems analyst srAsked:
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HeliumhighConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oops, lets try this again!
Windows usually only checkdsks if it shuts down improperly. If the NTFS logfile on the disk says that the drive was/is in use and the computer restarted/bluescreened windows will usually schedule a disk check. The linux NTFS-3G project has a few fun documents on NTFS logfiles if you need a little *non-offical* heavy reading on the subject.

I still think I might be shooting in the dark here, so if this doesn't help can you explain what you are trying to do a little better? Are you trying to figure out what process/service schedules the disk check? are you trying to prevent that?
This site has a quick little tutorial on how to schedule it:
Here is another EE question that relates:

Happy disk-checking!
Bob LawlessComputer systems analyst srAuthor Commented:
Thank you, but i was looking more along the lines of how Windows knows to schedule chkdsk  /r on reboot without any user interaction, i.e. a Dirty Disk.  What is the process it uses to monitor the health of the drive?

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Ohh, to clarify I'm assuming the disk is using NTFS, not fat32
Bob LawlessComputer systems analyst srAuthor Commented:
Yes, the drive is NTFS.  And i do beleive you nailed this question.  i just googled chkntfs, and sure enough, this articale discribes how chkdsk is set to run by the OS.  

In a nutshell, what i am trying to do is explain how this process works to non-computer people, so i needed it in laymens terms.  LOL

Thank you so much!
Glen KnightCommented:
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