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Best realtime replication/mirroring backup solution?


I have to work out a backup solution which involves 2 data servers - one live and the other a "hot" standby. Both with Windows Server.

Any data that is written to live must replicated to standby. Total data on live can be up to 12TB.
Data is only files, no SQL databases something like that.

No access to standby from clients unless live server goes down.

I need software that can handle the replication and keep the servers in synch. At any one time, the last data that was synchronized to standby must not be older than 30 minutes.

The three options I'm looking at is DFS-R, HP StorageWorks Mirroring and Acronis TrueImage.

I don't have experience with any of them in this scenario and was hoping that someone with experience could give thier opinion.

Of course you are welcome to suggest other software solutions.

5 Solutions
The best software clustering/Replication you can go for is CA Xosoft. It has good failover features. The other software you may go for is Double Take.
Xosoft supports replication of Exchange, SQL, Oracle etc, databases as well. The replication will be done in blocks.
schoemansAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I'm busy checking it out.

It sounds like you have experience with Xosoft. What is the largest scale implementation of Xosoft that you have experience with? Do you currently use it in a simular scenario such as mine. Also, have you had any negatives with the other software I mentioned?

Sorry for the list of question - only if you want to.

andyalderSaggar makers bottom knockerCommented:
I would point oout that Storageworks Mirroring is actually DoubleTake which is one of the more popular replication programs out there.
You might also want to take a look at MirrorFolders.  It's not as fancy as some of the alternatives, but it's simple and cheap, and works pretty well.  I've used it in several different scenarios, including a data set that is approximately 200 GB.

CA Xosoft is best suited for your requirement. It is capable of automatic redirection to the Standby server and the switchover to the standby will take very less time.
I have seen XOsoft being implemented for 5 TB of file server replication. And Iam pretty sure that it will work perfectly for Higher volumes of data as of yours.
XOsoft has a feature of Data Rewind with which you can restore a specific file from the Standby server to the Active server which is cool..
 I think it is best suited for your requirement. Cheers.
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