PowerShell installation and pop-up dialog box capability

I'm interested in starting to use PowerShell to install my database on users PC.  I've got a few questions:
1) Can PowerShell display a dialog box?  If so how would I do the following:
       a) Display dialog asking user "Do you want to install the database", with Yes/No buttons
       b) Code to process Yes or No response

2) Can my users run my PowerShell script by clicking on a shortcut?  If so, what do I need for shortcut properties (e.g., c:\winnt\powershell  j:\commonstorage\myscript.scr).

3) Can all my users run PowerShell without installation of any additional software?  They all have Windows XT SP2.

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Chris DentConnect With a Mentor PowerShell DeveloperCommented:

VbScript should be good, even if it's a bit short on the interactive side unless you're digging into HTA. At least it's available by default :)

Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

2. Yes... but only if it's a batch file that calls a PowerShell file. And only then if you've set the local execution policy to allow scripts to run (default setting does not).

3. No.

SP3 includes PowerShell, before that you would have to install PowerShell on each client.

You'd be better creating an MSI for this wouldn't you? Then Publish (rather than assign it) using Group Policy?

schmir1Author Commented:
My installations needs are simple and I wouldn't want to invest the time in something complicated.  I went down that road once and now that installer is obsolete.  I also have other scripting needs so I thought this would be a good time to get into a new script language.  Maybe I'll just use VBscript for now (unless I find it has the same issues as PowerShell).
schmir1Author Commented:
thanks, I'm now using VBScript and it's coming along
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