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I am looking for a method to lock down a user's ability to open files from folders other than their home folder.  The desktop is Server 2008 Terminal Server (Vista).  The applications (for now) are the Microsoft Office suite.  I can setup GPOs.  The office ADMs don't offer much in the way of security.  I am trying to block a user's abiltiy from clicking on File\Open and type in a UNC path to open from another fileserver\share.  Or even, select the C:\ drive.  I just want them to be able to open files from their H:\ (home) drive.
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Mike KlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We had a similar issue on our citrix environment.  We ended up just hiding the other drives.  When they log in they don't even see a C drive.
We did this using group policy
 Using Group Policy Objects to hide specified drives
Never tried restricting all UNC mappings, I'll try and research that.

You need to make full use of NTFS Security on your data shares to achieve that. You need to ensure that on each user's home folder, only that user - and Administrative users if appropriate - are listed with access privileges.

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