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When logged into the Dashboard is there a way to see what users a actively logged in? If so please reference were you would go to see which users these are. Also, is there a duration of time where you can see how long they have been logged in for as well.

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Are you referring to Admin users logged in to administer the system, ir for remote users connected via secureclient/secdureremote VPN?

For admins, when you log into dashboard as an admin and someone else is also logged in with read/write privileges, you will get a prompt to say that "user XXXX is logged in from YYYYY", where the username and machine name are shown.

You will have a choice to disconnect the current user or log in as read only.

For remote access users, Smartview Monitor is your friend here, it shows all connected users and through which gateway etc.

Does this answer your question, if not, can you give us a bit more detail?
marin2214Author Commented:
This is the answer i was looking for in which users were logged in. where in Smartview Monitor can i find which users are logged in?

Thanks in advance!
In Smartview monitor, look at the "Remote Users" entries and select 1.

I have attached a screenshot from the demo smartconsole showing all users connected.  This can be refined per GW, per user etc.

Before you do this though, you need to make sure you have a smartview monitor license and then enable the product on each GW that you want to monitor users on.  The product is enabled on the general properties page of the GW object in dashboard.

Is that what you are looking for?

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marin2214Author Commented:
Thanks Deimark, worked out Perfectly.
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