Help Dell virtual disk failed redundancy

I had a disk fail a while back on a PERC 3/Di raid 5.  I replaced
the disk with a spare and it started to rebuild, well it didn't work, it said array no longer redundant and degraded. I had replaced it with a warranty replacement drive and figured maybe it was refurbished and wasn't any good.  I spent the 300.00 and ordereda new one, put that in and the same same!  I am using Dell OpenManage Array Manager to view the configurations. I have no clue what to do at this point.  we don't have support on our server anymore.  Also the Dell OpenManage Server Administrator logs say Drive 2 drive slot sensor drive fault detected. Does anyone have any ideas??  

Dell PowerEdge 2650
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise, SP1
PERC 3/Di Controller
System Drive RAID 1 16.96 GB (Running fine)
Logical Drive or Virtual Disk RAID 5

The Array is currently rebuilding.  It takes all day, but it always fails....

Report from Dell OpenManage Array Manager

KWIKTAG PERC Subsystem 2, Degraded
      PERC 3/Di Controller 0 (AFA0) , Degraded, 2.8-1 (Bld 7692), 128 MB
            system 0, Ready, RAID-1, 16.95 GB
            Virtual Disk 1, Rebuilding, RAID-5, 273.43 GB
            Backplane (Channel 0), Ready
                  Array Disk 0:0, Ready, 16.96 GB, MAXTOR, ATLAS15K_18SCA, DT60
                  Array Disk 0:1, Ready, 16.96 GB, MAXTOR, ATLAS15K_18SCA, DT60
            Backplane (Channel 1), Ready
                  Array Disk 1:2, Ready, 137.01 GB, MAXTOR, ATLAS10K4_146SCA, DFV0
                  Array Disk 1:3, Ready, 136.73 GB, MAXTOR, ATLAS10K4_146SCA, DFX1
                  Array Disk 1:4, Ready, 136.73 GB, MAXTOR, ATLAS10K4_146SCA, DFX1

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teeraceConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Ended up replacing the motherboard and controller, then verifying each physical disk, fixing a few bad data blocks and forcing the drives back on line.  We lost some data but the initial problem was fixed.
Do you have another slot to try the drive in? Sounds like you could have a problem with that slot or the connector on the backplane.
teeraceAuthor Commented:
If I take the drive out won't that mess up the array?
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teeraceAuthor Commented:
Oh and I should add that the new drive is: Array Disk 1:2, Ready, 137.01 GB, MAXTOR, ATLAS10K4_146SCA, DFV0
Assuming I am understanding correctly. If you have 3 drives that are configured in RAID 5 and 2 are working correctly, you are running, but have nor redundancy, so the extra drive is not doing anything for you. What color are the lights on the Disk 1:2 drive, the same as the others?
teeraceAuthor Commented:
Yes, you are correct out of the 3 drives in the RAID 5 array the 2 are still functioning correctly the so called failed drive 1:2 the light is amber and the LED screen on front of the server says drive failed. I'm assuming it is saying no longer redundant because if another drive fails the entire array will be lost. The array is in critical status.  This is a production machine with an application that is being used daily by users.  I am getting nervous because if one of the other 2 drives fail I will lose the entire array. I have backups but can't afford that much downtime.

I just checked the status of the rebuild and of course it failed.  The actual error message in the Dell OpenManage Array manager is: PERC 3/Di Controller 0, Virtual Disk (Virtual Disk 1) is no longer redundant. The error in the Dell OpenManage Administrator is:

Mon Feb 09 11:34:36 2009  Drive 2 drive slot sensor drive ok  (When I started the rebuild)
Mon Feb 09 19:40:03 2009  Drive 2 drive slot sensor drive fault detected (When it finished)

When I go into the hardware config during boot ctrl-M I get Member missing.  So it appears the software is recognizing the drive the but the hardware isnt....  

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