How to assign user access permissions in Project Server 2007?

Sorry in advance if this question seems very basic, but I'm completely new to installing Project Server (any platform).
We've installed it on a test server in stand alone mode. I'm a little unsure on how to "properly" delegate permissions to windows users so that they create/modify projects. I'm looking for as much of step-by-step walkthrough if possible.
Right now, it seems as though it is just the server admin has access to PWA. I have a few questions about this;
1. is it required to give a user permissions to the share point site, and PWA? (so that they can access PWA)
2. when playing around with creating new project user accounts, I see that it can pull in AD user info, but it still requires you to enter in some information manually, ie. user's full name
Shouldn't this be pulled from the global catalog?

Thanks in advance.
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1. PWA manages the permissions on its own SharePoint site. you do not need to (nor should you) manage the SharePoint site manually.
2. If you are getting familiar with Project Server, you should probably get comfortable with manually setting up a few accounts, so that you know what is going on before you try for the AD imports. (Yes, typically, AD imports get the user's full name.)
There are two types of "User Accounts" in Project Server: Users (or Security Users) and Resources. The Server Settings -> Manage Users page shows the Users, and each has a check box: "User can be assigned as a resource." This indicates to Project Server whether it should create an entry in the Resource Pool for that user. Resources (generally contained in the Enterprise Resource Pool) are the people that get assigned to Tasks in Project Plans. Users are the people that can connect to Project Server. These groups overlap, but not always. "DBA level II" might be a resource, but not a user. "System Administrator" might be a user but not a resource. "Jane Worker" would be both.

Anyway, I hope this helps, but I hope it also makes it clear that there is a fair bit of depth to this product, and you may need to spend a lot of time learning some of the details to have a helpful system. I'd bet that most successful implementations are installed by Project Server specializing consultants and that most internal / experimental installs aren't used for more than a couple months.

James Fraser
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