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User unable to connect to OWA ...Exchange 2007 ISA 2006

If someone could help with my setup it would be awesome.

Lab enviroment
Cisco 2811 Routers
ISA server 2006
Exchange 2007

Setup Cisco router Public IP 70.158.x.x
Cisco router - ISA
ISA server External IP -
ISA internal
Exchange server Exchange server also running DCHP
I can send and recieve emails with no problems
MX, A, PTR records are all fine.  I can ping mail-server.mydomain.com and get a respond back from my external IP.

Problem, users are unable to access the OWA website from outside of the company.  I can access the site from within the company with no problems.  I have setup a weblistener on the ISA and published the site.  The listener is set to listen on the external nic of the ISA box
When users try to connect to mail-server.mydomain.com/owa they get a prompt from the Cisco router.  
Do I have to define a static router to forward all request to my Exchange box.  If so what is the process.

Thanks for the help in advance.

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2 Solutions
Stephen CroftTechnical ArchitectCommented:
In short, yes. You need to allow port 80/443 through your Router to your ISA box.

The following command should (if placed on your external interface) work;

ip nat inside source static tcp <local ip> <local port> <public ip>
<public port>

ip nat inside source static tcp 443 70.158.x.x 443
ip nat inside source static tcp 80 70.158.x.x 443

where 70.158.x.x is your Public IP for mail-server.mydomain.com

jdmb001Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply I added both those lines to the router and still no go.  I enable logging on the ISA server to see what traffic is hitting the ISA box but nothing coming to port 80 or 443.

Any more ideas thanks in advance.
jdmb001Author Commented:

Thanks you, I just had to put on my glasses to see that I had put a 20 instead of a 10 (  I am not happy again.
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jdmb001Author Commented:
That should have read I am now happy again.
Stephen CroftTechnical ArchitectCommented:
Hehe does that mean it is working? And my bad, I mis-typed your IP :P
jdmb001Author Commented:
Yes it works great, now on to mobile access.  I do appreciate your time .

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